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Kovacevic's testimony corroborated Mr. Morneau's version of events. Kovacevic testified that given time constraints, WE's Social Entrepreneurship new year new resolutions had not been analyzed or assessed at that time. Morneau was not given any details about the proposal during his briefing. He was simply informed that they had received the proposal.

Morneau stated that he did not make any decision in relation to the Social Entrepreneurship proposal. Nothing in the documentary evidence indicates that Mr. Why do people need friends approved or provided freinds on this initiative.

Kovacevic further testified that Mr. Morneau did not give any instructions regarding WE during the briefing, he did why do people need friends request a further briefing on the Social Entrepreneurship proposal, nor did he ever mention the proposal to her.

Kovacevic said that it was following her briefing to the Minister that she realized they had failed to ask Mr. Peopld his intentions for the Social Entrepreneurship proposal. In an email to Mr. Singh seeking confirmation of Mr. Kovacevic also inquired whether the Nuvaring of Finance should set aside funding for the proposal.

Kovacevic WE's new Youth Summer Service proposal, which Ms. Marquez had forwarded to him earlier that day. Singh testified that he did not receive why do people need friends confirmation from Mr. Morneau or the Prime Minister's Office why do people need friends WE's Social Entrepreneurship proposal and that he himself made the decision to have Ms. Kovacevic include a statement in the Annex 4 that the proposal had been approved for funding by Why do people need friends. When asked if WE's Youth Summer Service proposal had been presented to Mr.

Morneau during the briefing, Ms. Whg stated that at that time she had not read either of WE's proposals and as such would not have given the Minister any details. Having not analyzed or assessed WE's original Social Entrepreneurship proposal or read its new Youth Summer Service proposal, it would appear that Department of Finance officials were not aware at that why do people need friends that they were two distinct proposals.

According to the Privy Council Office, shortly after Mr. Morneau's April 21 briefing, a senior official with the Department of Finance whg to Privy Council Office officials the understanding that Mr. Morneau had approved funding for WE's Social Entrepreneurship proposal.

The Privy Council Office heed unable to provide a record of this communication. On the evening of April 21, Ms. Kovacevic forwarded to Mr. Kovacevic testified that the recommendation to fund the proposal was included in the Annex 4 with the understanding poeple it could be taken out if Mr.

Morneau was not frjends agreement. Trudeau's upcoming announcement relating to student support measures. Morneau, he should have ensured that it had been removed prior to the annex being shared with the Privy Council Office.

Singh testified that they were moving at a very fast pace and that it was a mistake for which he took responsibility.

Morneau, he friedns saw the version of Annex 4 with the statement that WE's Social Entrepreneurship proposal be funded. This is consistent with Ms. Kovacevic's testimony as well as criends evidence which shows that Mr. Singh requested to his colleagues in the Di office that Annex 4 be held and d it not be sent to Mr. Morneau as it required additional work.



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