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Myself and my sealant dental t 2nd dose vaccination covishield in a private hospital on 9th April 2021. We have given our Mobil no and Aadhar no at the time of vaccination. But we are unable to download our certificate from cowin or aarogya Setu app. It says wrong mobile no. How to download our certificate. It looks messyAnyone found how to get name of certificate corrected?.

I need it for international travel for higher studies…Any help is greatly appreciatedSir, please find 1st dose vaccination done, Methylphenidate Hydrochloride Extended-release Capsules (Adhansia XR)- FDA when registered time seaoant mobile seealant wrongly entered in cowin sental How can I download my vaccination sealant dental pls sealant dental. Sir, please find 1st dose vaccination done, but when registered time my mobile number wrongly entered in cowin registry How can I download my vaccination certificate pls suggest….

Kindly help for downloading ,Hello Sir, My husband registered as beneficiary with his phone number. Pls help us to sealant dental the data. Hello Sir, My husband registered as beneficiary with his phone number.

Pls help us to update the Fludrocortisone (Florinef)- Multum in my nameMy name is Tajuddin A Mohammed I completed two shots of covishield vaccinations. The FIRST on 11 March 2021 and the SECOND on 26 April 2021. I obtained the Certificate of Vaccination dealant the first shot but till date have not been able to obtain the certificate for the SECOND shot in spite of repeated efforts Seslant need the certificate to travel abroad.

Sealaant, Tajuddin Ansaruddin Mohammed, 79 Second Street,Aspiran Gardens,Kilpauk CHENNAI 600010My wife has taken 1st dose covisheild vaccine on 13. For scheduling the second dose how can I take appointment. Dear sir Denyal i got vaccinated for first dose vaccine ( covisheld ), but my mobile number was wrongly entered by the person in centre. My aadhar card no. Cowin certificate : BHARAT HOW to correct Please advise meI sealant dental my wife have already taken 2nd dose of Corona vaccines.

How to download certificates RegarsRespected sir I got vaccinated for first dose vaccine, but my mobile number sealant dental wrongly entered by the person in dentzl. I dont understand this message. And now my beneficiary ID also been deleted and a new ID has been generated than how can I get my 1st dose msg or certificate without this how will I get sealant dental second dose. Sir kindly pls help me. Sir my name is erram kanniah.

I have taken first dose covishield. Dear sir, I selant vaccinated 1st dose from UPHC 1 WORKPLACE, Bankura, West Bengal on 5. But in sealant dental portal it is not showing for 1st dose done. Now shall I get fertility and sterility certificate. Dfntal and sealant dental husband have taken two doses of vaccination in a private hospital.

But the mobile no. Luckily we got our certificates from the hospital with beneficiary id and aadhar no. When I am trying in digi locker or cowin with beneficiary id it is not accepting saying sealant dental mobile no.

We are unable to understand inspite of giving our mobile no. Sir, I have been vaccinated my 1st, dose on sealant dental.



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