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Respiratory symptoms la roche guyon and ataxia and tremor improved slowly over the first month after discharge. In the case presented here, tremor started in the context of infection. Our patient had no personal or family history of tremor or gait alterations. MRI, CSF analysis, and a complete blood test yielded no abnormal findings that may explain his symptoms. Furthermore, symptoms did not improve after withdrawing the medications potentially causing them.

These findings suggest an infectious or parainfectious aetiology. Parainfectious ataxia is an autoimmune process triggered by a clinical or subclinical infection eoche vaccination. We present a patient with ataxia and tremor in the context of COVID-19, an association not la roche guyon reported. More data from cases with similar characteristics are needed to establish a causal relationship between SARS-CoV-2 infection and these symptoms. In any case, our report contributes further evidence of the potential role of the virus in the development of neurological symptoms.

Temblor y ataxia en COVID-19. Pages 409-410 (July - August 2020) Temblor y ataxia en COVID-19 Download PDF A. Neurologia, 35 (2020), pp. Neurologic complications of la roche guyon infections. Neurology, 12 (2020), pp. Clinical features of la roche guyon infected with 2019 novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China.

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The cause of this tremor is not known, but it is not considered to be associated with any disease process.



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