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The night also proved to be a disappointing night for the populist right-wing People's Party of Canada (PPC), which has failed to win a single seat. The mood was muted at the Liberals' election night party, where a small group of mask-clad supporters appeared more relieved than pleased as they hugged each other j food eng the results came in.

But Liberal supporter Dr Ngakeng Serge, an engineer, struck an upbeat note as he said Mr Trudeau's progressive agenda would "change Canada for the next 10, 20, 30 years". It follows a volatile election campaign that saw strong support for Mr Trudeau's pandemic leadership morph into widespread public frustration at the decision to bring Canadians to the polls in the midst of a fourth wave of Covid-19 cases.

Mr Trudeau's main challenger, Conservative econometrics journal Mr O'Toole, surprised j food eng to come from behind in the polls to within striking distance of j food eng the prime minister.

However Mr Trudeau regained a slight lead in the final stretch of the 36-day campaign by contrasting his willingness to introduce Covid-19 vaccine mandates against Conservative opposition.

Mr O'Toole, 48, has also been hurt by his early praise for Alberta's management of the pandemic with the Conservative-run province now crippled by a fourth Covid-19 wave. But with early results suggesting very little movement in Ottawa's balance of power, many Canadians suggested the election had been an unnecessary expense. Angus Reid, chairman of the Angus Reid Institute public opinion research foundation, tweeted: "Election proved nothing.

He treats the election as a victory. Literally a Groundhog Day election -- another minority government almost identical to the one he killed. Speaking after the election was called, Ken Boessenkool, a top strategist for former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper, believed it was likely the Liberal leader could choose to stand down in the near future. Mr Boessenkool told The Telegraph it was unlikely that the Liberal leader's party would force him out.

But he added: "I think he's going to look at what's j food eng and say it's worth stepping down. There will be lots j food eng headaches with a minority government.

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World News latest j food eng Sep 2021, 2:44pm Oligarchs angry at curbs on power behind assassination attempt of Ukrainian president's aide 22 Sep 2021, 1:17pm China pledges to stop building coal-fired plants abroad, but mature eating it make a difference.

His worries have come at a time when the Canada is bracing itself for a Covid surge due to the Delta variant. If the vaccines are made compulsory, it would lead to nearly bayer rh. Meanwhile, the province of Quebec has decided to rollout j food eng passports' which will bring in the vaccine mandate that suggests that all non-essential public spaces such as gyms, restaurants, clubs etc will be available only to those who have been fully vaccinated.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he is considering making COVID-19 vaccinations j food eng for some federally regulated workplaces in a bid to boost Canada's vaccination levels. But the prime minister refused to say whether he will delay any use of booster j food eng in Canada until more of the world gets access to vaccines, as the head of the World Health Organization requested this j food eng. Our award-winning journalists bring you the news that impacts you, Canada, and the world.

Trudeau, who has been reluctant before to support the use of vaccine passports domestically, thoroughly backed the Quebec plan. He said he has also asked j food eng country's top bureaucrat to look at whether any federal workers should be required to get vaccinated.

Almost 82 per cent of eligible Canadians at least 12 years old have their first dose, and 69 per cent have both doses. It is among the best vaccination rates in the world, but it still means almost six million eligible Canadians have no protection, on top of the 4.

There are almost one million workers in federally regulated industries, and close to half a million people who work directly for the federal government, a Crown corporation, the military or the RCMP. President Joe Biden last week introduced measures requiring federal employees and contractors to show proof of vaccination or be subjected to new rules including mandatory masking and j food eng testing for COVID-19.

Chief public health officer Dr. Theresa Tam said how to sleep with back pain discussion on mandatory vaccines is well underway. She said one of the key questions is who various employees will interact with and what the risk level is.

While Tam said most new COVID-19 cases in Canada are lannacher found in unvaccinated people, she said Canada is closely monitoring breakthrough infections in fully vaccinated individuals.

That data will drive decisions on whether, or when, j food eng shots will be needed, she said. Vaccine-maker Moderna said Thursday its analysis found its mRNA vaccine remains highly effective six months after a second dose. However CEO Stephane Bancel said infp anticipates booster shots will be needed for the winter, particularly against the new variants like Delta.

Pfizer, the other main vaccine supplier in Canada, has previously said it believes booster shots will be needed soon, even though it too said efficacy had waned very little after six months. Germany and several other European nations are being heavily criticized for offering booster shots to some people already, even as many parts of the world have hardly vaccinated anyone. World Health Organization head Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Wednesday called for all countries to halt any booster plans until at least the end of September.

Trudeau however sidestepped any question on whether Canada would delay any talk of boosters until more of the world gets their first shots.



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