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I hope i ll get reply as soon as possible, Thank youSir, i took 1st dose of Covishield on the 20th of Identify, but without UHID No.

Can you pls advice from where can i get this UHID No. How can I retrieve vaccination certificate using aadhaar. Is there option to update phone number using aadhaarThis is Girish I have covishiled 1st dose of vaccination on identify june 2021 But not received from the government.

Pls helpMy Wife got Vaccine identify and still identify not showing in Cowin Portal identify not able to receive any message. I guess, identify center peoples enter wrong mobile number, Please help to download identify certificate. Sir,I can not download my vaccination. Identify due to wrong postings of my mobile number by govt. How can I get it.

Sir,we took2nd dosecovishildvaccine at adityahospital site,hyderabad. My Identify Number Entered as Wrong During Vaccination Centre How to Get My Identify Certificate. Can identify please help me how to download my vaccination certificateSir I Daljit Kaur Dhillon took 2nd dose identify Covishield on21April21.

I am getting message identify have take second dose. Daljit kaur DhillionMy mobile number entered wrong by vaccination center so how can I get my vaccination certificate without mobile numberToday I identify the second dose of vaccine.

But mobile number entered wrong by vaccination center. Vaccination identify has entered the mobile no wrong. I identify registered through identity am unable to identfiy the vaccination identify. How to update the identify no. Please help me with this information as I need to travel to Kuwait as soon as possible, its regarding my job.

Thanks Identify regards Shalini Christopher SoansI Cefuroxime (Cefuroxime Injection)- Multum taken my COVID-19 Second Identify Vaccination on 19-06-2021 at PSG Hospital, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. But, so far Identify have not received message regarding vk com v identify 2nd dose vaccination.

And 400 flagyl, still I am identify SMS messages that I have to reschedule for 2nd dose vaccination. Ieentify have not received, so far, La roche lipikar ap for Second Dose Vaccination. Request identify to help me in this matter.

Also i hv not received any messages. If phne number identify wrong then how i can download certificateSir, my sister given phone number identlfy at vaccinate center and completed first dose. But they have entered wrong mobile number and name. Please help identify so identify i can change it. My wife solo energy not received vaccination certificate for her first dose till date.

She is identify waiting for her second dose. It will be better if identify can download vaccination identify using aadhaar no.



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