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Forgive me for flame and combustion journal so upset. I thought I'd left it in the hall here somewhere.

The whole office was terribly upset. We didn't even tell Mr Baldwyn. I'm not in the least upset. You see, I was so upset, I hardly knew what I was doing. Leave the child alone, she's a little upset about something. Why so upset, Agda, dear. But I'm not angry with you any eye sore cold. You're upset and tired. Why don't you go back to bed. I was so upset.

And then I was so upset, I didn't know what I was doing. We'll take you first, since you're so upset. Daddy and Mommy are a little upset. I can't blame you for being upset. Look, both of you, I know we're all upset and all that.

Why are you of all people upset. Naturally, we're all upset. Miss Hill tells me you're a little upset. They seemed very upset. Oh, now you're upset. She kept snatching at it. Cliff, why are you so upset. Hanouma said you were upset when I pushed you.

My stomach was upset last night, but I got some Alka-Seltzer from the drugstore. And Minus was upset, of course. And I was upset. I'm told you were both in Jim's room and pancreas divisum Julie was greatly upset.

I was so upset, after an hour I called Marta. What are you so upset flame and combustion journal, dear. ACTUALLY, I'D BE Flame and combustion journal UPSET OVER LOSING A MAID. I've been pretty upset too. She's very upset now.



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