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Altered brain network measures in patients with primary writing tremor. Jhunjhunwala K, George L, Kotikalapudi R, Gupta PK, Lenka A, Stezin A, et al. A preliminary study of the neuroanatomical correlates of primary writing tremor: role of cerebellum. Pita Lobo P, Quattrocchi G, Jutras MF, Sangla S, Apartis E, Vidailhet M, et al.

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When drinking makes the tremor worse: a task-specific orolingual tremor. Carpentier A, Selfani K, Huot P. Task-specific oro-lingual tremor following gingival grafting surgery. Yoo SW, Lee M, Ho SH, Lee KS, Kim JS.

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Trans-spinal direct current stimulation for c sex primary orthostatic tremor. Associated c sex in a retrospective cohort of orthostatic c sex. Rajalingam R, Breen DP, Chen R, Fox S, Kalia L V.

The clinical significance of lower limb tremors. Rigby HB, Rigby MH, C sex JN. Orthostatic tremor: a spectrum of fast and slow frequencies or distinct entities.

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Paradoxical aspects of parkinsonian tremor. Jankovic J, Schwartz KS, Ondo W. Re-emergent tremor of C sex disease. How do i c sex for re-emergent tremor. Louis ED, Pullman SL, Eidelberg D, Dhawan V. Re-emergent tremor without accompanying rest tremor in Parkinson's disease. Belvisi D, Conte A, Bologna M, Bloise MC, Suppa A, Formica A, et al.



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