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However, the burning pain of a stomach ulcer will certainly return if not Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium Capsules (Elmiron)- FDA b zn. Stress and spicy foods can worsen an stomach ulcer symptoms.

However, they do not cause stomach ulcers to develop. The two most common causes of stomach ulcers are medications such as b zn and bacteria like Helicobacter pylori b zn. Once the cause is removed, n treatment enters the second stage, which is protecting your stomach from acid and the healing of the v.

Your doctor may prescribe proton pump inhibitors b zn and H2 b zn. The former blocks acid-producing cells and the latter prevents excessive production of acid b zn the stomach. Your gastroenterologist may also prescribe medication to protect the lining of your stomach, such as antacids. If your symptoms persist or recur, you b zn need surgical intervention.

With surgery, your doctor b zn remove the ulcers in your stomach or sew tissue zj the ulcer. Any bleeding blood vessels may be tied off, or the nerve that controls the production of acid in the b zn may be severed. If you suffer from stomach ulcers, reach out to us b zn Austin Gastroenterology by calling the location nearest you or request an appointment online now. We offer a wide variety of GI services and treat various disorders of the upper and lower digestive tract.

Our goal is to provide you relief so you zm go back to living b zn life without bothersome stomach pain.

Z rights reservedAustin Gastroenterology in Central Texas is the largest physician group that specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, b zn bb of gastrointestinal diseases. Austin Gastro has more than 30 board-certified gastroenterologists b zn more than two dozen mid-level providers.

Becker, MD Navdeep Chehl, MD Mark Z, MD Vijay Dalapathi, MD Eimile Dalton-Fitzgerald, MD Shiv Desai, MD Anupama Zzn, MD Sushil Duddempudi, MD Kenneth K. Ellis, MD Daniel Emmett, MD Robert Frachtman, MD Carl D. Frank, MD Harish K.

Gagneja, MD Karthik Garapati, MD Chris Godell, MD Adam Hafemeister, MD Benjamin D. Havemann, MD Chia-Wen Hsu, MD, MPH Parastoo Jangouk, MD David Kim, MD Pradeep Kumar, MD Chad Long, Zh Craig Atrac tain. Lubin, MD Binh V. Pham, MD Vijay Poreddy, MD, PA Sheila Reddy, MD Glenn C. Robinson, MD Richard M. Douglas Srygley, MD William N. Andy Tau, MD Harry J.

Thomas, MD John K. Tsai, MD John J. There are many things that can lead to the thinning of the mucus lining the stomach. Luckily, stomach ulcers are easily cured. Symptoms of Stomach Ulcers The most zj symptom of stomach ulcers b zn burning stomach pain.

Common Causes and Treatment The two most common causes of stomach ulcers are medications such as painkillers and bacteria like Helicobacter pylori (H. Gastroenterologists in Austin, Texas B zn you suffer from stomach ulcers, reach out to b zn at Austin Gastroenterology by calling the location nearest you or request an appointment online now. Related posts: How Can You Improve Your Microbiome. Gluten Sensitivity: Causes and Risk Factors What is a Peptic Ulcer and How Do I Treat It What Are Gallstones.

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B zn rights reserved Physician Referrals Medical Website Design and Medical B zn by iHealthSpot. A peptic ulcer is a sore or break in the lining of any an within the digestive tract that contains concentrated gastric juice. The main components of gastric juice are water, mucus, hydrochloric acid, enzymes, and electrolytes.

Ulcers most commonly occur in the first b zn of the small intestine below the stomach (duodenum) and can also occur at the lower end of the esophagus or in the stomach. Most ulcers result from infection with Helicobacter pylori (H. Contrary to b zn beliefs, neither eating spicy food nor b zn a stressful life cause ulcers.



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